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Why Choose Audionvac




Vacuum Chambers Provide Exceptional Packaging Options

Audionvac is the ideal brand for any business that require the perfect vacuum packaging for their products. The Audion Vacuum chamber are capable of producing an environment of 99.98% vacuum within each package. Rated for its solid construction and array of features, there is an Audion vacuum chamber sealer to match almost any packaging strategy.


  Why You Should Choose an Audion Vacuum Chamber Sealer


Audionvac engineers have used their decades of expertise to craft a vacuum chamber that is outstanding in almost every aspect. Involving state of the art technologies, Audion vacuum has produced chamber pumps which can remove almost all of the atmosphere out of its packaging chamber before the sealing of the product. This production is ideal for a number of products, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, electronics, medical supplies and hardware.


   A vacuum chamber possesses a number of key advantages

Near perfect vacuum packaging environment.

Can replace the package atmosphere with modified gas composition.

Easy to use digital control panels.

Construction that will guarantee flawless seals.

Versatile sealing options, example bag cut off, bi-active seal and double seal.


  Optional Features of Vacuum Chamber Machines

Audionvac offers an impressive variety of options for its vacuum chamber sealing machine, that it is virtually impossible to not find the perfect model for a packaging operation. These options include:

Gas flushing: vacuum chamber machines can be adapted to inject a modified atmosphere after a desired vacuum level has been attained

Seal bar: a variety of sealing methods can be implemented including;

  • Bi-active - heating elements above and below the package seal
  • Dual seals - seals both ends of a package
  • Bag cut off - sealing is accompanied by removal of excess packaging material 3.5 or 8 mm seal 

Multi-cycle: Audionvac vacuum sealers are capable of consecutive cycles of vacuuming and gassing.

Easy access: push button opening and closing allows operators to quickly and easily open chambers (only available on stainless steel double chamber machines)

Electrostatic discharge: for electronics which require additional protection from static loads, specialized vacuum chambers with conductive material surfaces are ideal.

Gas flow control valve: this feature is ideal for powders and granulated products; a slow even outgassing or injection, which prevents dispersion of the product.

Phase, voltage, frequency: upon request, Audionvac can customise any vacuum chamber machine to suit the electrical requirements of an operation.

Sensor: for more sophisticated packaging operations which require highly accurate atmospheric conditions, a built in sensor will notify the operator when achieving the desired vacuum or gas levels.









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